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September 10, 2013

Tommy Lombardozzi Takes On The Many Sides Of Nucky Thompson...

I am eagerly anticipating the return of HBO's 'Boardwalk Empire'... this could be the truly break out season for Nucky and the boys, as they are currently occupying the number 1 spot for Gangster Drama on Television right now. Nucky is a polarizing character and I always thought that through the ups and downs of the show Steve Buschemi always maintains the highest level of excellence in his starring role. Tommy Lombardozzi, artist extraordinaire, decided to honor the return of our favorite NJ gangsters since The Sopranos by doing 5 pieces of Nucky in all his glory. These are pretty amazing, and if you like them make sure you get over to Tommy's webpage and buy some of his fairly priced art (wink, wink!). Check them all out after the jump...


  1. Those are great. I love that show very much. You should do a whole series of characters like Capone and Chalky White.

  2. I never even watched the show and I think that these are fantastic!