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September 10, 2013

The Captain America Trading Card Collection Of Agent Coulson...

One of the hidden gem moments of the Avengers had to be the conversation between Agent Coulson and Captain America when they first meet face to face. Coulson is a complete Cap fanboy, and he is trying his best to maintain his composure while being confronted with a childhood icon of his. He tells Cap that he watched him while he slept... which leads to a very awkward silence that is very funny.  The conversation delves into an area where they are discussing a vintage trading card collection that Coulson possess that features Cap... and Cap shows an interest in the fact that such a trading card collection exists. This thrills Coulson, and Clark Gregg plays the little kid trapped in a grown mans body perfectly. (For a good laugh, check out the Cap/Coulson Tumblr page that plays up the weirdness in this scene by clicking here.) Leave it to the 'Net and our buddy Cal to find some of these cards and share them right here for your perusing pleasures. I wish I can see all of them, but these will have to do. Check em out...


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