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September 20, 2013

This IS The Functional NES Controller Coffee Table You Are Looking For...

There are 'Do It Yourself' projects and then there are 'DO IT YOURSELF!!!' projects... some are just a bit more exciting then others. When I came across this step by step breakdown on how to construct a fully functioning (ie: PLAYABLE!) Nintendo controller coffee table I have to admit that this falls into the latter, much more exciting categories. Holy shit, a 3 x 3 ft playable game controller... with built in storage? Get the fuck outta here! What nerd wouldn't want this in his living room? I really love the detailed Imgur page that breaks down the whole process, cost and all (it came in around $400 bucks). You can click here to view the full blog, and see a few of the pics after the jump...

1 comment:

  1. I remember coming across this a few years back. It would be hard to play with that thing, but I still want one!