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September 3, 2013

Graffiti Artists Dose DV Takes Tagging To Hell With His Mignola Inspired Mural

I love coming across awesome time lapse videos of major art project because they provide a glimpse into what happens to be hours worth of work in a few mere minutes. I love the artistic process... but it can be a slow one. So to speed it up, see a blank slate and then finished piece, and only have to dedicate a few minutes to seeing how it was constructed is a perfect scenario for me. Take this video from artist Dose DV. He decided to construct a huge mural in Lakeside, England and decided to make the piece even cooler by adding a 7 foot Hellboy portrait. This piece is crazy, and I love the grid style approach that Dose DV uses to proportion Big Red's facial structure. This is the kind of thing that I never knew artists did, and it was really cool to see this (as someone who is not very artistic myself). Check out the video and some pics of the completed project after the jump...

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  1. Checkout for 2013 hellboy piece. I think you'll appreciate it.