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August 2, 2013

Wolverine: A Film by Woody Allen

Parody has existed forever. It is the easiest understood comedy that exists (because people automatically related it to the original source material) but it could also be extremely hard to pull off. You gotta make sure that you don't go to obscure and that your material finds the mark. The dudes over at Official Comedy have got this down to a science. Check out there latest example of awesome parody: Wolverine - A Film by Woody Allen. In this short they re-imagine the Canadian hot head super hero as an eccentric Brooklynite dealing with his insecurities. The dialogue is insane... it's like we are watching Sleeper or Manhattan on superhero steroids. They even through in a Diane Keaton-esque Rogue to balance out the screen time in order to get a true Woody experience onto the screen. Well played... Check it out after the jump.

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