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August 23, 2013

RIP Elmore Leonard...

Elmore Leonard has been around the writing game for quite sometime... and chances are you have enjoyed an a adaption of his work even if you don't know it. Sure, some people know that Leonard wrote Rum Punch (the book that would become Jackie Brown), Get Shorty, and Out of Sight... but did you know he also created Justified (the Raylan Givens character was the star of Leonard's books Pronto & Riding The Rap and the short story Fire in the Hole)? How about the fact that he wrote 3:10 to Yuma way back in 1953... 1953!!!!! They made that into a killer western booth in the 50's and 2007... 50 years LATER! Talk about a work of literature holding up. How about the fact that 26.. 26... of Leonard's works have been adapted for the TV or big screen?  Leonard was witty, intelligent, but not afraid to be silly and over the top... and no one wrote comedic crime fiction like him. Rum Punch is one of my all time favorite books. Always will be. I sat down and checked out Jackie Brown the other day just to pay a bit of respect to the creator. Take it light Mr. Leonard. Your work made entertainment that much better. RIP brother. Check out some of my favorite clips of adaptions of Leonard's work after the jump...

Jackie Brown:

The Big Bounce (A very underrated movie... check it out):

Get Shorty:

Freaky Deaky (A great indy movie that is full of stars and streaming on Netflix... watch it!):

Out of Sight:


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