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August 30, 2013

10 Little Known Facts About Marvel Comics....

I am sucker for these "10 ___ Things..." lists that populate the Internet and have caused me to lose days of my life watching them 3 minutes at a time. On Geeks Are Sexy Technology I came across an excellent video (or at least what I had hoped would be a excellent video) called '10 Little Known Facts About The Marvel Universe' that I just had to watch. The vicious cycle had begun once again, and boy am I glad for it. As a comic geek I love to come across fun little tidbits about the characters that I adore. Out of this Top 10, I may have known 4 or 5 of them (the ones that are related in the pages of comics and about Hulk's color) but there were some really great facts that were unknown to me. Casper and Ghost Rider in a crossover? Get the fuck outta here. Cap taking on two... TWO Presidents of the United States? An artist that died young and had his ashes mixed with the graphic novel reproduction of his most famous series? This is a great way for any comic fan to spend 3 minutes. Check it out after the jump... this is epic!

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