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May 23, 2013

"It's The Final Countdown..." - Arrested Development Season 4 Goes Live in 3,2,1...

I think I have been doing a pretty good job by my standards of not over-hyping the arrival of Season 4 of Arrested Development on Netflix. No one is more excited than me, and I have just finished a marathon re-watch of the shows 3 seasons as well as celebrated with Tommy Lombardozzi & Cousin Stevie in our first annual "Arrested Development Luncheon" complete with chocolate covered bananas and seals wearing ties (OK, maybe there were no seals in ties... but who cares really?). So now that we are only three days away from the shows new season going live on May 26th, I think it may be time to celebrate just how excited I really am. I am so excited, I think I just Blue myself (hahaha... inside jokes abound). So lets just get to the meat and potatoes of it all... here is the Season 4 extended trailer! Complete with Buster's hook hand, Pop Pop's hi jinks  George Michael's awkwardness, martial bliss between Lindsay and Tobias, Gob performing an illusion in a toga, Lucille being psychologically terrifying, and Michael just being Michael aka taking everyone's bullshit and cleaning it up!!!! I can't wait.... It's The Final Countdown!!!!!!!!! Check out the full season 4 trailer after the jump.


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