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April 29, 2013

The A to Z Blogger Challenge: Day 25 - Y Is For You, Me and Dupree

Just two more entries before we finish up the A to Z Blogger Challenge and I thought it would be fitting to head towards a comedy. You, Me and Dupree is a very underrated comedy that features two guys I think are really funny: Matt Dillon & Owen Wilson. These two morns light up the screen in this light-hearted  buddy comedy. There are also some really great cameos by a young Seth Rogen, and he steals every single one of them. But one of the highlights has to be the lovely Kate Hudson, a woman who I have been in love with ever since the first time I set eyes on her. Hudson is a spitting image of her momma Goldie Hawn, and that is a great thing. She has a beautiful face, hysterical comic timing, and one of the best asses in the game. And to me this is one of her better roles. You can see much more cool stiff from the guys who completed the A to Z Blogger Challenge by clicking here, and you can see more of Hudson after the jump...


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