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April 9, 2013

Superman/Doomsday - Fan Film

I know of Mike D's love for fan made superhero movie but this is one I hope is as new to him as it was to me. Instead of taking fresh actors to act a story on the cheap, these creators have stolen clips and music and sound effects and explosions from dozens of films to create a totally new live action Superman adventure. It may not be as polished as your normal Charman Toilet Paper commercial but it's riveting to watch how they manipulated the film clips they had to tell a fresh story of death of redemption. And all it about 30 mins of your time to watch. I thought it was fascinating and I have no idea why DC doesn't just throw a ton of money at these filmmakers and sharpen the effects and redo it mostly shot for shot. It's better than the last Superman Returns, that's for sure. This would be the kind of assignment I would give a high school communications class to do. Check 'em out after the jump....

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