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April 16, 2013

Over A Dozen New Posters For The New Season Of 'Arrested Development' Highlight Past Great Gags From The Show....


I am currently re-watching Arrested Development on Netflix in preperation of the upcoming season 4 of the show that will be premiering on May 26th. Any fan of the show knows that it is a plethora of wink wink moments and one liners that a true fan of the show giggles at every time someone brings it up. The whole crux of the humor on the show hinge on these moments, objects, and situations.... and it is truly a inside joke-fest for all those in on the situation. Given the fact that the whole purpose of Season 4 is to set up the feature length film for the show, I am sure we are going to be treated to many more of these inside jokes. But in order to promote the new show, they are breaking out the old gags to try an hook the former audience back in for one last hurrah. Any fan of the show will love these awesome posters. Let's hope we get plenty more opportunities for posters like these via season 4. Check out the whole gallery of posters after the jump...

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