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April 5, 2013

Disney's Next Nature Documentary Will Be 'Bears'... I For One Could Not Be Happier!!!

Disney is mostly know for their animated features, but truth is they are a very diverse company. Disney owns Marvel, and they just bought the Star Wars conglomerate... yeah, they are a huge company. But one of the forgotten aspects of the company is their work in nature documentaries... they have long been involved in wildlife documentaries and conservation projects. Disney's Oceans is one of my fiance Tara's favorite thing to watch, and I loved the African Cats documentary they did a few years back. So when their newest project, Bears, was announced for next April, I immediately became excited for a documentary that is over 1 year away from being released. I love bears, so I hope that it loves up to my lofty expectations. I know Disney will do it justice. It does come out in April of 2014, but there is a little teaser trailer out now to get you ready. While I love me some comics and nerd shit, there is nothing like a really good nature documentary to balance things out. Check it out after the jump....

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