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April 10, 2013

A To Z Blogger Challenge: Day 9 - I Is For Immortals

Hey gang. Day 9 is underway, and I thought I would pick a more modern movie that I truly enjoyed as the topic for today's pick. Immortals by Tarsem Singh was a visually stunning film... but it is also exactly what I hope for from a film coming out of Hollywood these days. Why? Well, it is simply the originality vs remake/reboot argument. Greek Mythology has been used in films a ton... making a film based on Greek mythology wouldn't necessarily be original. Yet Tarsem takes a few familiar characters from the mythology books and then crafts a truly original story out of it. On the other hand you have Clash of the Titans 1 & 2, marketed as a remake/reboot of an early 80s classic that isn't even very similar to the original at all. The studio took a new version of the story of Perseus and instead of calling 'War of The Gods' and having it be original, they slapped the 'Clash' name on it and shoe horned in some nods to the first film in the hopes of cashing in. It is sad. Anyway, Immortals is one of those rare moments when a director gets to make 'his or her' movie, and it works for me. The future Superman, Henry Cavill, is great. Mickey Rourke is a fantastic bad guy. But the highlight from a woman's standpoint has to be the lovely Freida Pinto as the oracle priestess Phaedra. She gives a solid performance and looks fantastic, and she fits the look of the film that Singh strives to achieve with the film to a T. If you haven't seen this one, get on it. It is pretty great. You can check out other participants in the A to Z Blogger Challenge by clicking here, and you can see the lovely Freida Pinto's pics after the jump....

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