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March 13, 2013

The Land of Oz vs Oz the Prison: An Infographic Comparing The Two...

I saw the Sam Raimi Oz film this weekend and I must say that I was truly impressed. I really liked the way Raimi brought the world of L Frank Baum to life on the screen, with all the visual mastery that we have come to expect from him. But I used to be in love with a different land of Oz... that of the Oswald State Correctional Facility, or OZ from the HBO hit series. That Oz was a bit different... you know, all the raping Aryans and killer inmates kind of make those witches seem a bit passe. I came across this really cool infographic over at Vulture that compares the two lands of Oz and found it quite funny. Hope you guys enjoy it...

NameLand of Oz.Oswald State Correctional Facility.
LocationMysterious, unnamed locale accessible by tornado.Mysterious, unnamed locale accessible by murder conviction.
NeighborhoodsMunchkinland, Winkie Country, Gillikin Country, Quadling Country, and Emerald City.A bunch of numbered and lettered cell blocks, death row, solitary confinement, and Emerald City.
Idealistic And Ultimately Powerless OverseerThe Wizard of Oz.Unit Manager Tim McManus.
Quickest Way to See HimFollow the yellow brick road.Violently beat someone so you're thrown into solitary and he comes to yell at you.
InhabitantsWitches, munchkins, flying monkeys, a plethora of talking animals and normally inanimate humanoids, fairies and other mythical creatures.The Latinos, The Homeboys, The Muslims, The Aryans, The Irish, and other rapists and murders with no affiliation.
Water DangersCan melt witches.Showers are most popular gang-rape location.
Negative Broom AssociationsWicked witch vehicle.Broom closet is second or third most popular gang-rape location.
EntertainmentSinging munchkins.When they put on Macbeth, someone "accidentally" gets murdered during the play.
Ways To Kill SomeoneLand a house on them.Put ground glass in his food in successive meals, slice their neck with sharpened fingernails, crucifixion, to name but a few.
What Happens To The Mentally Challenged?They get a diploma.Despite appeals, they still get the death penalty.
What Happens To The Cowardly?They get a courage medal.They get: raped; branded with a swastika; addicted to drugs; have their heart, legs, and arms broken; have their family killed; and eventually become insane murderers who bite people's penises off.
Does any inhabitant ever beat then shit on his former Aryan rapist?No.Yes.

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