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March 8, 2013

Return To Nuke 'Em High: Is Troma Returning To Form As The Go To Schlock Film Company?

Troma is the first name in crappy, cheaply made schlock cinema. Some of my personal low budget faves came from the studio, from Sgt. Kabuki-man to The Toxic Avenger, from Mothers Day to Poultrygeist, and my all time favorite horror movie Bloodsucking Freaks (a film that is surprisingly NOT about vampires) was also distributed by them. Lloyd Kaufman and his band of merry misfits have long been one of the models on how to run a successful indie film company... and that is regardless of whether you like their brand of over the top nonsense that most Troma films consist of. So with over 30 years of filmmaking under their belt, Troma is trying to keep it up for another 30 to come... and they are going back to the well to do it. Return to Nuke 'Em High is the newest film from Troma, a sequel to their early 80s classic that is due to be directed by Lloyd Kaufman himself. It is going to be premiered at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival and we have a first look at it via a trailer... and it is pretty sick. Like giant rubber suit monsters knocking off peoples heads sick. like gratuitous nudity, both of the male & female variety (but mostly female variety... thank God) sick. Like blood and green nuclear waste flying everywhere sick. Like cameos by Ron Jeremy as Jesus & Lemmy from Motorhead as the President of the USA sick. Yup, just another day at Troma High. Can't fucking wait to watch this movie!!!! And God Bless you Mr. Kaufman, for always doing it your way. When I met Lloyd at a Mothers Day screening with Jeff Bond a few years back he was probably the most accessible and friendly celebrity I had ever met. Check out the trailer after the jump... and kiddies, this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!! Titties everywhere... you have been warned!!!!


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