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March 8, 2013

50 Years of Minimalist Avengers Members by Michael Mateyko

The Avengers have been around for a long ass time... officially 50 years this coming September. But one of the coolest parts of the team has to be the vast amount of members they have had over the years. Sure, there is always some aspect of the original team members in ever incarnation of the team throughout the years (click here for the complete list over the years... usually at least one of the Cap, Thor, Iron Man triumvirate is always present as a leader)... but it is the obscure and interesting members that always appealed to me and made the book one of my most cherished comic titles ever. Members like The Black Knight, Hercules, Vision, Wonder Man, and Moon Knight are some of my personal faves. So when artist Michael Mateyko decided to use the teams multiple members for inspiration for his 2013 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo poster, I immediately cracked a nostalgic smile and couldn't wait to share it with you guys. The best part is that this poster is for sale, and it can be ordered in a plethora of sizes! You can go from 8 x 10 to huge ass poster size, and in my opinion the bigger the better, Check out the poster after the jump...

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