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March 13, 2013

Kick Ass 2: Red Band Trailer - "Yeah... There Is A Dog On Your Balls"

There are not many movies I am as excited for as I am for Kick Ass 2. One of the greatest comic book series of all times was translated into a killer first film, and if the books hold true than part 2 stands to be an even crazier thrill ride. Sure Big Daddy is gone, but now we get Colonel Stars & the Justice Forever team... and I honestly can't wait to watch the Red Mist turn into The Motherfucker and lead his own team of super villains, the Toxic Mega Cunts... yup, those are all real character names from this crazy ass book! The movie comes out on June 28th, and is immediately on my list of must see summer movies for 2013. For now you get the awesome red band trailer, which is full of all the cursing, ass kicking and ball biting by a German shepherd that one can handle. Enjoy it after the jump...

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