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March 20, 2013

Kick Ass 2 - Character Posters

One of the coolest parts of Mark Millar's classic comic series Kick Ass 2 has to be the names that he gave some of the newer (and even some of the older) characters. After the events of Kick Ass, other people begin to get the idea to start dressing up and fighting crime. So there are a shit-ton of new heroes that have some insane names, like Night Bitch and Doctor Gravity. The original bad guy, Red Mist, also returns with his own super team of villains named The Toxic Mega Cunts... and renames himself The Motherfucker. Crazy ass names for some crazy ass characters... and now they have some character posters to go along with them! This is easily becoming one of my most anticipated movies of the Summer 2013. Check out the posters after the jump...

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