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February 21, 2013

The Students & Faculty of Monsters University Get Their I.D. Cards

Monsters University is the upcoming prequel from Pixar to their classic Monsters Inc. In the new film we take a look back to where best friend monsters Mike & Sully first became acquainted with each other... college of course!!! I really like the idea that is being put forth in this sequel and it is great to see where this friendship began and what their relationship is built on. I am also looking forward to seeing some familiar faces from the grown up monsters of the first movie back in their college days as well... and how great will it be to see the Monster staff & faculty? It will all unfold on June 21st, but to hold you over check out some cool I.D. cards after the jump....

Surprisingly, Mikey did not get an I.D. card. But they did release this character poster:

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