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February 12, 2013

The Elements of the Periodic Table: Cartoon Style by Kaycie D

School projects can be quite the pain in the ass, especially the further you get in your education. Once you reach college, final projects & thesis assignments can be meticulous and tedious. And to be perfectly honest with you, this shouldn't be the case. A project, especially one that revolves around your college major, should be appealing and fun for you to complete. So animator Kaycie D, a  Minnesota native, decided to come up with a cool way to attack her senior thesis project. She took the periodic table of elements and broke them down individually, and came up with an animated character and short blurb or backstory for each one based on the properties of said element. She turned to history, mythology, and even comic books to add some pizzazz to her pieces, and they are all funny and smart in their own way. Not to mention a very cool way to expose students to the periodic table. I wish these designs would have been around when I was a freshman in high school taking Earth Science! Check out Kaycie D's blog by clicking here to see all the elements and much more, and click after the jump to see my faves....


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