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February 14, 2013

Killer Karaoke: Proof That People Will Really Do ANYTHING To Be On TV!!!

There are plenty of reality shows that show us just how low people will go to appear on TV. Big Brother lets people watch their every move while they are locked in a house for a month. On Survivor people literally sign up to be castaways on some island with no supplies like Robinson Crusoe. On Teen Mom 14-16 year olds show what it is like to be... well, teen moms. Frankly there are no depths people won't go to for some glimmer of TV fame. But Tru TV has come up with a truly degrading and terrible experience for these fame seekers... and they have added music!!!! Welcome to Killer Karaoke, hosted by Steve O himself. In this show contestants pick a song to sing a karaoke version of... but they must do so while completing crazy stunts like sticking their hands in a box filled with snakes, stepping into boxes full of creepy shit like rotten fish guts, and giant fat men rubbing their sweat all over a singer... yeah, it is pretty fucking awesome. These numnuts are completely making fools of themselves, and I love it. Watch a few clips after the jump, and tune into TruTV for more live episodes on a regular basis.

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