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February 21, 2013

CCD Links It Up Vol #16

It is about that time once again... time to check out what is going on around the Internet and see what others are sharing. This week we got some really interesting stuff to share, from cool ass art work to toy like furniture for your very own adult house. Also, as we lead up to the Oscars we get a glimpse at a history of what films each President has been proud to call their favorite. We also check in on my new musical obsession, The Alabama Shakes... and even more boobie action from the crew over at The Chive that are doing God's work. Make all of that happen after the jump.... your welcome, your all welcome!!!

1) My boy Sean Hartter has teamed up with my favorite horror blog Freddy In Space to create a cool ass poster for a toy that never existed, The Evil Dead Lincoln Log playset! I always love Hartter's insane thinking outside the box for his creative creations, and I hope this one will be offered at The Freddy In Space Society 6 shop (they got some great prints for sale there).

2) I have never been a huge fan of playing with Legos, but thanks to my good buddy Jeff Bond I have developed a certain affinity for the stackable toys. But one of the coolest crossover products I have seen in  a long time has to be the storage boxes that come from Room Copenhagen's shop. These storage pieces are shaped like Lego bricks, stack accordingly, and happen to be cool as shit. If you are a fan of Legos, this is what you need to furnish your apartment with. All shapes and sizes available!   

3) With the Oscars on the horizon I have had movies on the brain. I came across a pretty cool article over at The Week that takes a look inside the minds of our Commander In Chief's and which movies were their favorites. A great read on the cusp of the pinnacle of the movie year...

4) I am absolutely obsessed with The Alabama Shakes. Their first album is fantastic, and I love everything about their first single 'Hold On'. I love the basic nature of the video, the fact that they highlight singer Brittany Howard despite the fact that she is not the traditional attractive looking front woman, and the fact that she sounds A LOT like Janis Joplin to me. Great video...

5) Time for your daily does of boobies, babes, and butts... head on over to The Chive and check out this fantastic list of one of the most underrated body parts on a woman, her back!!! Need proof that this list is worth the trip? Check out this for an example:

Enjoy the links....

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