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February 7, 2013

CCD Links It Up Vol #15

It is that time again folks... time to see all the other great work people around the Net are doing! I do spend a lot of MY free time creating the CCD experience, but I spend an inordinate amount of time perusing the intrawebs & intranets for some cool stories. Today you can check out some Pokemon noir in comic form (for all you Poke kids who are all grown up now!), take a look at how the Evil Dead remake just gained further approval from horror fans everywhere, get the Ipad/Iphone app that will truly bring you inside the world of Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket, check out our weekly hooties via The Chive, and buy some horror themed winter hats... all after the jump!!!!

1) Pokemon has been around for quite some time, but it is taking on a whole new life with an excellent web comic entitled Pokecenter by Ray Bruwelheide that takes a darker, more adult twist to the magical monster tale. It is very noir and looks pretty violent, and it is promised to continue... so get in on the ground floor now!!!  

2) The Evil Dead remake is looking pretty fucking fantastic, and it is restoring faith to horror fans that some of the classics could be remade with some success after snoozers like Friday the 13th & the Elm St reboots. One of the reasons has to be the involvement of Sam Raimi as a producer, and him pushing the director & writer to amp up the violence factor. Well I guess they did their jobs, because /Film is reporting that the film has received an NC-17 rating for its first cut... which is awesome!!!! That means they included a bunch of nasty stuff in there to intentionally get cut and give us a nice hard R rating, which is a great start.

3)  Matthew Modine, aka Private Joker, wrote a book about the grueling experience of shooting Full metal Jacket for screen legend Stanley Kubrick. It is one of my favorite movies and Modine gave a career defining performance in the film. Well he teamed up with app developer Rackoff & some funding from Kickstarter and turned his Full Metal Jacket Diary into a complete interactive app for the Iphone/Ipad. It is 9.99, and I am going to be busy for the next few weeks...

4) Oh Chive, thank you for being you. Today's hottie gallery on The Chive comes in the form of the girls of the Redhead Rebellion. Good lord, these gingers are bringing the heat... and not just in the crotch area!!! How unbelievable is #40 (pic below)? A great gallery of chicks....

5) Even though you think it is starting to approach spring, winter is still in full effect. So if you are a horror fan like me, why not go ahead and order yourself a few horror movie themed winter hats from Inked Up Merch's Etsy shop for a mere 12.00 bucks a piece? Stay warm and retro sheek at the same damn time!!! 

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