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January 4, 2013

This Work In Process Tie Fighter Animation Makes Me Want A Star Wars Anime Really, Really Bad!!!

I am kinda a Star Wars fanboy... when I say kinda, it's because Star Wars has started to lose its gleam for me because of lack of interest. With announcements for Episodes VII, VIII, and IX and the current partnership with Disney I am beginning to get interested again. But then I came across this fantastic work in progress piece of animation that makes me long for another Star Wars cartoon. The Clone Wars is fantastic, but I want something dealing with the second generation characters (Episodes IV, V, and VI) and the universe they live in. For now enjoy this two minute plus clip from Otaking7707  after the jump and lets hope the Mouse House has something in line for us!!!!!


  1. Real cool. Did you post this awhile back... or is this a different/new one?

    1. I don't think so... but this is an updated version, so maybe!