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January 29, 2013

The Soprano Diaries On SNL - ''They Got Space Bears...''

Saturday Night Live has an excellent pedigree, but in the last decade or so it has developed a reputation for stinking it up. Gone are the glory days of Chevy, Eddie, Sandler, Farley, Carvey & Myers... and we have been ushered into a era of mediocrity. But over the past few years the show has had some bright spots. Bill Hader is always one for me. I also like a lot of the younger comedians they have signed up for the show. But most people don't see the gold they are putting out because they have given up on the show. This clip from a few weeks back for 'The Sopranos Diaries' is  absolutely fantastic. With 'The Carrie Diaries' taking a look back at the high school years of Sex In The City star Carrie Bradshaw, why not take a look back at the Jersey high school where Tony and the gang went to school? I love Fred Armisten as Paulie, with the white highlights and the Flocks of Seagull haircut. I also love the whole scene in the cafeteria, where they sit at a table with checkered table cloth, candles & have a stripper above them while they discuss Return of the Jedi and Rubick's Cubes. Pretty great stuff.... check it out after the jump.

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