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January 17, 2013

Spaghetti Gotham by Giovanni Costa

Giovanni Costa is a talented Italian artist that is always looking for new ways to express himself creatively. He found a hell of a challenge over at Project Rooftop, and he knocked it out of the park...   again, and again  and again! 4 times is actually the charm, because that is how many installments of the Spaghetti Gotham series that he has released so far. the original project rooftop challenge was to move an existing comic property to a different period in history. He started with Cowboy Batman, Indian Warrior Nightwing and baby Indian Robin. But then he continued to the villains, some Bat family associates, and even colonial western bartender Alfred! My favorite of the bunch has to be Nightwing, Alfred and Two Face, in classic Confederate soldier garb. Given how popular Django Unchained has been and what it has done for the genre, you can see why the themes of the piece work so well.You can see much more of Costa's work by clicking here and  see the full Spaghetti Gotham collection after the jump....

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