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January 16, 2013

Hemlock Grove: Netflix New Horror Original Horror Series From the Mind Of Eli Roth

Being the horror buff and streaming enthusiast that I am, I  always peruse the new horror choices that are on (and coming soon too) Netflix Streaming. When I caught wind of Hemlock Grove, a new series from the mind of Eli Roth based on a novel by Brian McGreevy, my interests were instantly piqued. I had read that Netflix was delving into fielding original programming, so when rumors began to circulate around Season 4 of Arrested Develoment & Kevin Spacey's House of Cards I realized that the plan was actually coming to fruition. But the thing that made me more intrigued by hemlock grove is the fact that it is horror based... and that is enough to push it to the front of my list! Eli Roth, like him or hate him, is one of the main horror masters working Hollywood today. So with the recent success of horror themed shows such as American Horror Story & The Walking Dead, I am eager to see what Eli does with the freedom of Netflix at his fingertips. But what has to be the best part is that all the episodes in the first season will be available AT ONE TIME, on April 19th. I can't wait to marathon the shit out of this one. Check out the trailer after the jump. Famke Janssen is looking extra hot, especially in monster form...


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