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January 22, 2013

Evolution Of... by Jeff Victor

Jeff Victor is a terrific artists who obviously loves movies. He is trying to figure out a way to portray some of his favorite film characters in an interesting and original light, so he decided to go with a timeline format for some of our favorite actors & actresses. This allows him to draw someone like Tom Hanks in a plethora of characters that he has portrayed over the years. I think this is a cool idea, and shows us just how much a characters roles have varied over the years. You can see a ton of his timeline pieces and other fantastic art that he has to offer by clicking over to his page, or you can continue after the jump and see my faves in his 'Evolution Of...' series...

Evolution of Guillermo Del Torro

Evolution of Johnny Depp

Evolution of Sigourney Weaver

Eolution of Rick Moranis

Evolution of Tom Hanks

Evolution of Michael Jackson

Evolution of Stanley Kubrick

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