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January 8, 2013

Concept Art: How Some Of The Most Iconic Movie Characters Of All Time SHOULD Have Looked

Concept art and early storyboards are fascinating to me, as they often give an insight into what a film was intended to be like during the early stages of development. Things often change, sometimes for the best and sometimes for the worst. One thing is certain, and that whether things get changed or not when you look at these early sketches you are seeing what initially lead to the film getting made. Someone posted a killer Imgur gallery of some dope concept art sketches of iconic movie characters and I must say I am very torn. some of the concept art looks way better than the finished products (Silver Surfer & Spidey come to mind) while others look silly (most of the Star Wars stuff) and was changed for the best. They are all cool, so check em out after the jump...


  1. Why oh Why couldn't they have given Yoda that little hat. Probably because everyone would think he was one of those cookie making elves.

    1. That is the one I think would have been the coolest. That and Spidey...

    2. I kinda like the Buzz and Shrek!

    3. I kinda like the Buzz and Shrek!