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December 20, 2012

The Walking Dead To Re-screen Episodes In Black & White? Yes Please!!!!!

One of the coolest things about The Walking Dead comic books has to be the fact that Robert Kirkman & Tony Moore decided to do the comic in black and white. It adds a level of creepiness to the story and helps mute some of the over the top blood, guts & gore that occupy Rick & the gangs world. Last year the premiere episode of the TV show was re-aired in black & white as an homage to the comic and it went over gangbusters. So AMC has decided to roll the dice and re-air the first two seasons of the show in its entirety in black and white as well. As someone who enjoys both the original comics and has saw the first episode in black & white, I for one am thrilled. I can't wait to revisit the TV version again in this altered state. The re-airngs will be taking place starting February 14th. Check out the first episode opening scene in black & white and make sure to tune into AMC this February for a whole new take on the show...

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