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December 19, 2012

The ABC's of Death: 26 Ways To Die... Choose One!!!!

This is a very interesting anthology horror film project from the gang over at Magnet. 26 different directors. 26 short films. Shot in 15 countries around the globe. All of the clips having one thing in common: they deal with death in some way, shape or form. There are some great directors on this list (check out the list after the jump), from Nacho Vigalondo to Ti West. My interest is piqued. Magnet has been hitting homers left & right lately (Tucker & Dale vs Evil, V/H/S, The Innkeepers) so I will definitely give it a shot. It will be hitting a limited theatrical run and VOD towards the end of January. Enjoy the trailer after the jump....

List of directors:

  • ANacho Vigalondo (A for Apocalypse)
  • B: Adrian Garcia Bogliano (B Is for Bigfoot)
  • C: Ernesto Diaz Espinoza (C is for Cycle)
  • DMarcel Sarmiento (D is for Dogfight)
  • EAngela Bettis (E is for Exterminate)
  • FNoboru Iguchi (F is for Fart)
  • G: Andrew Traucki (G is for Gravity)
  • H: Thomas Malling (H is for Hyrdo-Electric Diffusion)
  • I: Jorge Michel Grau (I is for Ingrown)
  • JYûdai Yamaguchi (J is for Jidai-geki)
  • K: Anders Morgenthaler (K is for Klutz)
  • L: Timo Tjahjanto (L is for Libido)
  • MTi West (M for Miscarriage)
  • NBanjong Pisanthanakun (N is for Nuptials)
  • O: Bruno Forzani, Héléne Cattet (O is for Orgasm)
  • P: Simon Rumley (P is for Pressure)
  • QAdam Wingard, Simon Barrett (Q for Quack)
  • R: Srdjan Spasojevic (R is for Removed)
  • SJake West (S is for Speed)
  • T: Lee Hardcastle (T is for Toilet)[4]
  • UBen Wheatley (U is for Unearthed)
  • VKaare Andrews (V is for Vagitus)
  • WJon Schnepp (W is for WTF)
  • XXavier Gens (X for XXL)
  • Y: Jason Eisener (Y for Young Buck)
  • ZYoshihiro Nishimura (Z is for Zetsumetsu)

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