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December 14, 2012

On The First Day of Christmas (2012), CCD Gave To Me....

It is that time again people... the 3rd annual 12 Days of Christmas-y Sexy Women is upon us!!! CCD will do it's best to share some of the hottest celebrities we can find dressing up in the Christmas spirit. The sluttier, the better. It is gonna be hotties in reindeer horns & Santa lingerie for the next twelve days. Don't say that CCD doesn't love you... we give the gifts that you can spank it to all year long!!!! Enjoy Day #1 after the jump... it's Paris Hilton time!

I was in love with this slutty reality star back in the early 2000s, back when she was making porno's with night vision. She may not have any talent to act in movies or TV, but she did take that dick like a champ... we all gotta be good at something! Merry Christmas, from Paris....

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