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November 9, 2012

Old School Sexy Meets New School Sexy... And We All Win!!!

Kate Moss was one of the earliest childhood sex symbols I can remember. I am talking about when I was like 12 or 13, in the early 90s. It was the era of grunge and heroin chic, and Moss did it so well. It didn't hurt that she was stunningly gorgeous and that she loved to show off her nips. Yup, Ms. Moss was a a party girl who was the model for all the other chics to follow at the time. Flash forward 20 years and Rhianna is in very similar territory to Ms. Moss. She is a singer, not a model... but as far as being unafraid to show her body off and the model of what chics try to look like nowadays... well, yeah Ri Ri is the new Moss. So when Rhianna posted this sexy ass picture of the two of them bridging the gap for V Magazine, I just new I had to share. Thanks for this Rhianna... I'll be fapping away for the next 45 minutes!!!! Picture after the jump ...

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