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November 9, 2012

Miami Connection Gets G.I. Joe Styled Action Figures... Just Another Reason I love This Film's Existence

I have been singing the praises of Miami Connection for months now, ever since Alamo Drafthouse announced they would be putting out the 1987 Kung Fu Rock Opera by releasing a killer extended trailer. Now the gang over at Alamo is showing just how hip and cool they are, by completing a set of G.I. Joe styled action figures for some of the heroes and the villains of the movies. I don't know if this movie can possibley live up to all the hype it has set for itself, but soon you will be able to see it in a city near you! Check out this site to see when it is playing in your area... and check out the pictures of the figures after the jump.

Thank you Super Punch. You guys rule...