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November 5, 2012

Homemade Geek Bikinis? Yes Please... BOING!!!!

Etsy is a wonderful website that allows creative people to peddle their wares. There are some really creative things up for sale on there, especially for geeks like me. Tons of custom made products have you debating for hours on which things you can afford to buy and clutter your house with. But every once in a blue I come across something that is just so amazing that I have to share. This particular product is fantastic... or should I say ASSTASTIC! Lisa Galetto runs Fit 2 B Tied clothing, which specializes in custom swimwear, dancewear, and stripperwear (I swear she has that on the header of the shop... I did not make that up). Lisa has a ton of sexy bathing suits for sale, but one set draws geek ire and that is because she is using some iconic geek imagery... even if it is a small amount due to the lack of fabric in these suits! It also seems like Lisa is the model for the suits, and boy is she easy to look at. She also seems to be really hot all the time, because she is always pulling her bikini bottoms down. Poor girl. She is very talented  super sexy and the suits are dope. Share these with the nerd girls in your life!!!! You can buy things at Lisa's Etsy shop by clicking here, and see the geek bikinis after the jump...