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November 5, 2012

Damn You Sandy!!!!

Well it has certainly be a rough week and a half for us over here in NYC. The scumbag frankenstorm known as Sandy hit NYC hard and left some people in some really bad situations. Staten Island got hit really hard. Coney Island got wiped out. My old neighborhood of Howard Beach, Queens has been decimated. CCD contributor Tommy Lombardozzi lost everything when he was flooded with over 4 feet of water in his apartment (Buy some of his artwork here to help him out a bit!). My good friend Joe Esq got hit across the board, with his home getting a ton of water damage as well as both his Mom & Dad's house getting destroyed. There is no gas. Anywhere. Here it is over a week later and my parents still have no electricity in Long Island. My main man Joe Fletch is sharing his brother in Laws 1 Bedroom condo with his wife and three kids cause he has no power in Long Island. Everything is fucked. Luckily I made it through the storm storm OK. My house never lost power, we got no water... I am really lucky. Same for my man Lock & Jeff Bond. Most of the people I know weren't. I will be putting together a fundraiser in the future, but for now if any of you guys can donate some money to The Red Cross or City Harvest. These organizations are doing alot in NYC right now. Sorry we were gone for a few days. But we are back. CCD can't be held down by a stupid ass storm. Take it light people...


  1. I'm sorry! I did give money to the Red Cross this weekend. Hope your parents get electricity soon.

  2. I'm friends w/ Tommy as well and it has been a devastation all around. My sister and cousins homes have washed away, friends lost their pride possessions and homes...Damn you SANDY isn't even words enough to describe the anger!