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November 29, 2012

Construction Paper Superheroes by Doctor Sonic

Superhero art is nothing new now a days... shit, almost everyday I see some artist's rendering of Iron Man or Batman on any of 100 websites. But when you come across an artist who creatively constructs superhero art... well, they deserve to be spotlighted. So I give you the work of Doctor Sonic, an artist who uses construction paper to build his superhero creations. These are absolutely amazing... and I love the fact that Sonic also highlights minor characters instead of just the prime time players. Anybody that creates a Rom the Space Knight or Bi Beast is a-ok in my book!!! You can check out this post where Doctor Sonic created a version of Sunfire to see how he goes about the creative process step by step, and you can click here to see the rest of his awesome creations on his Tumblr page. You can also look after the jump for the pieces that I personally liked the best...

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