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November 28, 2012

CCD Holiday Geek Gift Guide: Geeky Christmas Sweater T-Shirts

Even the most horrific classic Christmas gifts can be geek-asized so as to make them cooler. Case in point: Check out these radical t-shirts by RedBubble user Fanboy 30 that recreate the hideousness of  classic Christmas Sweaters with a bit of a geek edge to them. First up we have a Doctor Who inspired design featuring Daleks, Cybermen & a Tardis. Next we have a Nintendo themed shirt filled with Super Stars, Mushrooms, and Life Hearts from Zelda & Mario. Both of these are a great way for a geek that you know to be both traditionally dressed for Christmas while maintaining a geek edge to themselves. everybody wins!!! Check out the pics after the jump and click here to order these (or any of the other really cool shirts) from Fanboy 30's RedBubble page....

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