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November 13, 2012

Bottleneck Galleries: The Gangs All Here Art Show

I see lots of cool art shows going on around the country featuring pop culture topics and I get crazy with envy. Why can't any of these shows take place on my neck of the woods? Gallery 1988 is killing it in L.A., but we got an east coast taste of their stuff when they brought their Crazy 4 Cult show to NYC for the first time. But now there is a hometown gallery that is making some noise and I couldn't be happier. The gallery is named Bottleneck Galleries and is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They have had some ambitious shows in the past, such as one inspired by zombies and one inspired by premium cable (these pieces are phenomenal, check them out!). But they have an upcoming show that looks fantastic and I for one can't wait to see it in person. The show is called The Gang's All Here and is focused on large groups of characters coming together in movies and TV shows. There are some wonderful pieces, and the show opens November 16th through December 7th. You can get information on the show by clicking here, and you can see the some of the pieces in the show over at /Film. You can also check out the ones I liked the best after the jump.   I am looking forward to more cool ass pop culture art show in NYC, so make sure you turn out and support your local galleries so they can keep doing them. Enjoy my picks after the jump...

Watchmen by Anthony Petrie

Super Troopers by Ian Glubinger

Sons of Anarchy by King Burdy

Disney Star Wars by Paul Shipper

Saved By The Bell by Cuyler Smith

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