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October 26, 2012

These Homemade Ouija Boards Will Help You Channel All The Spirits In Your Life

Ouija boards (or spirit boards) have been around forever... FOREVER! They have been dated back as far as 1100 AD in China (thanks Wiki) and were commercially released as a home entertainment game way back in 1890. Ever since then they have been the basis for many a scary nights with teenagers and adults alike. There was also a huge push of Ouija board based films in the late 60s-early 80s. Some of my favorites has to be Witchboard  (which spawned 4 sequels), Paranormal Activity, and the original 13 Ghosts. One can even say Jumanji is kind of a Ouija board based movie (it's a stretch I know...). These things are fascinating, polarizing and commercially available for purchase at most stores that sell board games. But what if you wanted to step your game up a bit and buy a fancy custom made Ouija board?

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Look no further than Myke Amend & Bethalynne Bajema, two very talented people who are putting together beautifully made custom Ouija boards. All of the woodwork is done by Myke & the boards are designed by Bethalynne. They are carved out of wood and hand painted, and the planchette (the piece of wood used to identify the letters) is also hand carved as well as adorned with brass. These are a beautiful gift for the people in your life who love the occult... and it is gift season, right? The boards vary in price from $125-150 and come in at least 3 different designs, with some of them being limited editions. Like all hand made crafts on the Net they are definitely of the limited variety and should be ordered as soon as possible due to that limited nature. You can order by clicking here. Check out the pics below...

Thanks to Super Punch for the tip.

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