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October 19, 2012

CCD Meets Cliff Chiang @ The 2012 NY Comic Con

While walking around the aisles of Artist Aisle, I started seeing lots of familiar works of art that I have featured on CCD over the years. I look at a lot of cool ass web pages (Super Punch, Cal's Canadian Cave of Cool, and Geeks Are Sexy are just a few) that feature dope fan art. But when I came across Cliff Chiang's table I had to stop and make a purchase. Chiang is responsible for the phenomenal six part mashup series that takes superheroes and mashes them up with hit 80s movies/albums. The Teen Titans with The Breakfast Club? The X-Men with Pretty In Pink? Storm with Janet Jackson? Yup, these were great. And here they were right in front of me!!! I had to jump on the set of six post cards for 10 bucks, and Chiang even signed a couple of the cards for nothing. I gifted the Breakfast Club one, signed, to my main man James West because he loves The Teen Titans so much. I kept the other 5, with the Pretty in Pink one signed by Chiang, to put in a nice frame. Chiang was a great guy and had lots of great art for sale, so make sure you head over to his site and check out all of his great stuff. After the jump you can see my 2 pics of the set as well as the six prints in High Res...

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