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September 6, 2012

'The To-Do List' - Aubrey Plaza Fulfills All Her Sexual Desires Before College

Aubrey Plaza is one of my favorite young comedians in the game. Her mix of sarcasm and power in her delivery has always caught my attention since I first saw her in Funny People. She has stolen many a movie & TV episode over the past few years with her performances, but now she is about to embark on her own tilt as star of the show. The To-Do List deals with Plaza's character and her quest to fulfill a whole list of sexual acts before she leaves for college.On board of this sex train we find some of the greatest minds working in comedy today, from Bill Hader & Andy Samberg to Alia Shawkat & Christopher Mintz- Plasse. Also appearing in the film is Donald Glover, who was Aubrey's co-star in the highly underrated 'Mystery Team' (Check that one out if you haven't on Netflix Instant... great film). Check out the Red Band teaser trailer for the film after the jump. The movie comes out this Valentines Day...

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