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September 4, 2012

The 'Seven Psychopaths' Red Band Trailer Makes Me Want To See This Movie Even More...

Wow, rarely does a movie have SO MANY things that make me want to see it. And Seven Psychopaths seems to be one of those kinds of movies. Need proof? Check out this red band trailer for the film, which has director Martin McDonagh (In Bruges) casting Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken & Colin Farrell as dog-nappers who kidnap the wrong guys dog. Woody Harrelson as a nutjob killer? Yup. Walken being Walken? Yup. Sam Rockwell being his normal quirky self? yup, all here.  Colin Farrell reuniting with the director who got the best performance of his career out of him with In Bruges? Yup, this is that film. Beatboxing break dancing Shit Tzu's, Precious getting sweated down, Abbie Cornish & Olga Kurylenko making the screen burn, and Walken saying "Fuck the cops... FUCK EM!!!"... yup, this is a must see. Check out the red band trailer after the jump...

1 comment:

  1. Nutty. My man Tom Waits! Yes! 'In Bruges' was a great movie.