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September 13, 2012

The 'Mucho Machismo' Art Show From Spoke Art Gallery Takes Us Back To The Good Old Days Of Action Movies

I love me some action movies, especially 80's action movies. There is no debating that the 80's was the golden decade for action films and it's brightest stars. Ah-nald. Sly. Willis. Norris. JCVD. Roddy Piper. Ripley. Need I say more? San Francisco art gallery Spoke Art put together an awesome art show entitled 'Mucho Machismo' that highlighted some of these great moments in action movie history. Prints for the show are on sale here, but you can click after the jump to see my favorite 6 pieces of the bunch. Take a trip down memory lane. Hasta La Vista, baby....

Up Up, down down by Oliver Barrett

They Live - Smithe

It's Always Sunny On Mars by Tim Doyle 

Murphy Delivers The Law by Tim Doyle

Bishop by Kelley Negley

The Kumite by Free Drugs

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