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September 13, 2012

Kurt, I Am Your Mother by Arzeno

Wow. When you come across a piece of cool ass fan art that has as good of a concept as this one, you just have to give props to the creator. Arzeno killed this X Men/Star Wars mashup. It plays up the fact that Mystique is Nightcrawler's mama, has The Beast getting his Chewy on, and Gambit & Rogue doing their Han & Leia... perfect in every way. He even went so far as to name the characters: Han LeBeau, Princess Leianna, Kurt Skywalker, Darth Holme, Coybacca and Empress Destitine. Great work all the way around. Good find Jeff Bond! Check out the full sized version after the jump...

And as an added bonus, the original B& W sketch....


  1. Gambit Solo is gettin' right in there with that ass-grab!

  2. Thank you for the post man! Glad you like the piece.
    The role of Leia is played, not by Kitty, but by Rogue; who is Mystique's and Destiny's daughter, Nightcrawler's sister and Gambit's love interest.

    1. Wow... Wow!!!! I feel like an idiot Rey, I swear I KNEW that was Rogue but wrote Kitty subconsciously!!! Great piece, thank you for seeking us out and leaving a comment! I will change that ASAP!!!

  3. ...and just like that, CCD gets love from the great Rey Arzeno!