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September 28, 2012

'I'd Let Him Role A Few Boulders Down My Tunnel, If You Know What I Am Saying!!!' - The After Hours Crew Takes On Indiana Jones

I have been reading for quite a few years and have come to absolutely love their awesome content. Their top 5 lists are the stuff of legend, but they have some outstanding video content as well. My buddy Sam put me on to one of the funniest web series I have ever seen, After Hours. It features four friends (one who is a nerdy hot chick with giant boobs who makes tons of inappropriate comments) who sit in a diner and debate various movie topics... often to hysterical ends. Their are two seasons worth on Cracked, but this one featuring the disturbing adolescent sexual fantasy's of the group and why Indiana Jones sucks at his job is truly amazing. And check out Katie Willert manhandling her massive boobs... all of the After Hours videos should include that moment at least once. Check out the Indy video after the jump...

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