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September 13, 2012

CCD Links It Up Vol #4

Hey kids... another day, more cool links for you to check out. Some cool ass products, hot chicks, T Shirts and even more from your favorite gang over here at CCD. Hope you enjoy. Links after the jump...

1) Han Solo in carbonite baking tray? Yes please! I can't wait to make brownies or a cake in this mother... and for only 14.95? Yup, I'm buying this one for sure.

2) Probably the coolest Escape From NY T-Shirt I have ever seen. 25 bucks is a bit steep, but for this cool of a T-shirt is worth it. They also make 3X, for all you big nerds out there like me...

3) One of the many hats I don in my professional career is that of a private security guard for Citadel security, who provide security services for high end events like NYC Fashion Week, art gallery openings, antique shows, and NY Comic Con. My buddy Matt Hogan got interviewed by NPR during our latest stint at NYC Fashion Week just this past week, and the interview can be found here. Check out what I do when I am not looking at Fan Art, staring at boobies, and entertaining all of CCD's readers on the Internet.

4) Sean Harrter has a newly re-designed website. Same great artwork, just a new look to the layout that makes his work seem that much cooler. Not only is the guy a friend, but his work is more ambitious and keeps getting better with each piece he posts. Plus he is available for commissions. Hop to it!!!!!!

5) Finally... boobie time!!!!! Thanks to the gang over at Beer Mug Sports or bringing Valerie Mason to my attention. At 105 pounds with Double Ds, yup boobies are her middle name! Check out her spread here... 

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