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August 16, 2012

These Dexter x Look/See Sun Glasses Will Turn Some Heads... And Maybe Get You Questioned By The Police!!!

I love me some Dexter. I have watched every season of the show and I am gearing up to blow through the original novels as we speak now that they are on my tablet in a digital format (thanks for that little extra Joe Fletch!). Usually we see some cross over merchandise to help promote a brand and a show, but rarely do you run across a product as cool as these sunglasses from Look/See that are clearly Dexter related. They might not be for everyone given the fact that they are white and feature blood splatters all over... but the set is actually quite impressive for the super Dexter fan in your life! They are limited to 500 sets and each set comes with the glasses, a carry case, a blood slide storage case that actually features removable slides (wtf?) and is individually numbered (1/500, 2/500, etc). The glasses also fetaure little nods to the show like the small syringe on the inside bar of the glasses. You might get stopped and questioned for wearing these, but the only summons you will get is for being fresh to death! you can order them by clicking here and see many more detailed pics of the glasses after the jump....

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