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July 9, 2012

The Stormy Knight by Alex Pardee

San Diego Comic Con is almost upon us, and this is yet again another year that I will NOT be going. This hurts... it hurts REAL BAD. The biggest reason it hurts so much is because of the huge build up that goes along with this epic event. A few weeks before the event companies & people start to leak out their exclusives for the Con, and seeing all the cool stuff only available at the Sand Diego mecca makes me salivate even more!!! Case in point: Check out Alex Pardee's exclusive print for the show, The Stormy Knight. Pardee & The Zero Friends crew will be out in full force in booth #5502 and this epic Batman piece is one of the reasons you should stop by. It features Pardee's unique artistic styling paired with Batman's Blue & Grey old school suit (my personal fave), and will probably retail for 60 bucks and there are only 60 pieces available!!! You can also see all the other Zero Friends SDCC exclusives by clicking here. Sometimes people have stock of Con exclusives left over (this probably is likely with Pardee as he is epically popular), so click here & here to keep up with Pardee & the rest of the Zero Friends crew before and after the event. To all of you guys that plan on heading out to Comic Con, good luck getting the exclusives you are hoping to score.

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