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July 31, 2012

'Popeye The Sailor': A Fan Film By Michael Valentine

The more fan films I watch, the more I realize that we are in the golden age of fan films. Cameras and production cost have increased in quality while decreasing in price, and people are taking to these fan films to develop their skills since they can disseminate them on the Internet and create a buzz. The other day I posted the excellent 'Y; The Last Man' fan film that I thought I was the best I have ever seen... but this selection is more of the garden variety type that we have become accustom to. It's kind of short (2:30 minutes) but stylistically looks wonderful... it is the Batman Begins of Popeye lore, gritty remake styling and all. I also love that director Michael Valentine stepped in front of the camera to play the Sailor Man himself. I also like that he keeps the pipe in his mouth the whole entire fight sequence. That is pretty cool. Enjoy the full fan film after the jump...

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